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Welcome to betacommentary!

You just finished your latest fic, and are now looking for a beta?
You're a first-time writer and don't know who to approach/are afraid of asking for a beta?

At betacommentary, we offer a more communal solution: just post your fic, and people wandering by will read it, and point you at any errors or clumsy turns of phrase they happen to notice. This wiki-like approach offers several advantages:
  • Input from more than one person.

  • The unique strengths of each beta are fully exhausted: some people are better at grammar/spelling, others at content, others again at style. Here, all will do what they do best, and the writers will profit from having both their content and their form checked by specialists.

  • Betas don't need to commit to long fics or whole series, anyone can chip in 5 minute's worth of proofreading, with no obligations.

  • The community will never be out of town, there's always someone around to take a look at your fic.

  • I'm sure there are more advantages, but I can't think of them right now...

You do not actually have to join betacommentary to enter a fic for beta-ing, posting by non-members is allowed!

You're good at grammar/spelling, you know just the right way to turn a phrase so it'll sound that much better, you know your canon like the back of your hand, or you have a knack for finding just the right plot twist to make the tension soar right over the roof?

Help us out! Whether you participate regularly, just peek in whenever you have five minutes of free time, or watch the community only to read fics before anyone else, and just point out anything you happen to notice, every little bit helps!

We don't force our members to do anything, but this community will only work if enough people participate regularly!


  • No asking for personal betas. If you need a beta for a fic you don't want to post to the community, please direct such a request towards betas4hire or similar communities.

  • All fics longer than a drabble go under an LJ-cut.

  • When posting your fic, specify fandom and which aspects you want input on (grammar/spelling, style, canonicity, plot,...) as well as the usual warnings (slash, het, violence, drug abuse, etc)

  • We are open to any and all kinds of fic, whether it's slash, het, dark, fluff, chan, rape, whatever.

  • Therefore, no flaming of someone else's fandom, preferences, or kinks. Fics are posted with warning, and no one forces you to beta them if you are not comfortable with the content. Flamers will incur the mod's wrath, and, depending on the gravity, a warning or immediate banning. All repeat offenders will be banned.

  • Similarly, no making fun of newbies or anyone else's writing capabilities. We're here to help them improve, not scare them into hiding.

  • When commenting, please keep to discussion and constructive criticism. This is a beta-reading community, we need "OMG your fic is sooooooo GREAT!!!!1!1one!" as little as we need flaming. Reserve this kind of gushing for when the fic will be posted at its final destination - and then abound with it ;)
    Pointing out good aspects, as in "That is one brilliant punch line", or "The style is perfect, but you need to fix that big gaping plot hole there" is fine of course, and even encouraged.

  • When someone points out errors, please fix them as soon as possible via the Edit button () that you can find at the top of the "Read comments" page of your entry. This is so people won't point out the same mistake 15 times, and also because another mistake may creep in while you are correcting the one you have just been made aware of.
    If you want to visualize the progress of the fic, or preserve the original version, you can use the <s> and </s> tags to strike through text.

  • Nevertheless, try to read through comments before pointing someting out (especially spelling/grammar), in case someone else has already pointed it out.

  • If you have read through the fic paying attention to one particular aspect, and did not find anything wrong, say so as well, so that the author will know when their fic is ready for posting!

  • When posting your beta'd fic somewhere else please link back to betacommentary. There are lots of people out there still searching for a beta :)

  • All fandoms we are sure we have betas for are listed in the interests. If you are willing to beta in a fandom not yet listed, enter it here please!
    Of course you are still welcome to post fics from other fandoms, this list is only indicative and to make it easier to find the community via interest search.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, your friendly mod penguin_attie is there for you! You can contact me via e-mail: attie[at]omnium-gatherum[dot]de