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22 July 2008 @ 04:33 pm
Death Note one-shot needs your help.  

Title: Bilberry plan
Author: Arien Icelight
Author`s e-mail: lorana@bigmir.net
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Light x bilberry jam
Rating: G
Genre: Humour
Disclaimer: L and Light belong to the proper owners and the bilberry jam to all mankind.
Summary: In this darkest of hours Light finally understood that the world had  rotten totally. But it  won`t stop him from succeeding in his plan.
Author`s Note: request from 

sinjiru. Therefore, it`s dedicated to her. <3. Original was written in Russian.


English is not my first language, therefore I`m sure there are some grammar and spelling mistakes. I`m also worried about the eloquency of wording.

God of a new world was  indulged in grieved and sorrowful meditation about the pitiable state of our society. Even the small tea-spoon clinked against the edges of a cup with a mournful sound, setting off his thoughts with a soft chiming of silver and porcelain.

Light shook his head dolefully. Today he  was acertained once and for all that this world became rotten through.

Permanent burglaries, robberies, mureders... But now he could see clearly that the vices reached the bottoms of human hearts.

Who could have thought that the mankind will fall so low that it wouldn`t be able to produce worthy bilberry jam?!

No, seriously, the contents of the small jam-jar near the cup on the table ( the angle was 90 strictly, Light has checked for several times) was just a poor excuse for a bilberry jam.Yagami junior was a perfection in everything, and so he could be considered an expert not in capturing <s> himself</s> dangerous criminal only, but even in jam as well. But spending money in vain was a vice and he couldn`t allow himself that, so he had to use this resemblance of sweetmeat as  sweetener. And sipping the scalding liquid he could almost feel that desired taste, tender, slightly trad and a little bit sourish. Worthy, unique and enchanting... The tatse that you are forever faithful to...

Who told you Light was not sentimental? Well, he did have a nervous job, so what? It didn`t mean he wasn`t capable of love. Who could be not capable of love to bilberry jam?

The musing of young man was interrupted by the apperance of  a tousled detecive-rival-friend-sweets-consumer.

Knowledge of the last fact made Light to strain slightly and reckon the distance between the jam-jar and Ryuuzaki. Just in case – he had to foresee every posible scenario of events, didn`t he?

The neighbouring  chair creaked and he  could almost feel the burning gaze of eyes fixed upon him.

- I assumed you don`l like sweets, Light-kun, -  Ruuzaki titled his head and made a reeling movement on the chair, obviously interested.

Just how is he able to sit like this for hours? Is he some kind of an alien?

Detective reached for the plate with pastries and when his hand was dangerously close to the can with precious substance, God of a new world  flinched nervously. Maybe the quality wasn`t good enough, but it was definitly a good sweetener for tea, especially for someone who was as madly in love with bilberry jam as he was. When Light came to his senses the pastries had already dissapeared

And on top of that he eats sweets in absolutely inhuman amounts. He is most definitly an alien.

Light replied to the previous remark of his interlocuter with something in between a snort and a laugh and reached for the spoon. The same moment the jam-jar dissapeared from his view.

He didn`t even have a time to rebel as detective started to carry out a tasting of jam not even bothering to use any cover. His expression was one of the utter consentration and reverie.

- You know, Light-kun, - he pronounced slowly, - I think that the chances of you being Kira dropped down by 0.9 percent.


Everything went according to the plan.

But still...


- I`m very grateful, Ryuuzaki. But would you be so kind to pass the jam back?

Feeling: anxiousanxious
self_portraitzself_portraitz on October 15th, 2008 03:34 am (UTC)
The new world’s God was indulging himself in grief and sorrow as he meditated over the pitiable state of his society. The soft chiming of silver and porcelain seemed to always set off his thoughts. Even the noise of the small teaspoon clinking against the edges of a cup sounded mournful.

Light shook his head dolefully as he realized, once and for all, that this world had become rotten through to the core. A never ending array of assaulters, robberies, murderers... and now, Light could see clearly that theses vices reached the bottoms of human hearts.

Who could have thought that mankind would fall so low… that it wouldn’t be able to produce worthy bilberry jam?!

Here is a start:)
collapsia on October 15th, 2008 04:20 am (UTC)
Thank you)
self_portraitzself_portraitz on October 15th, 2008 04:49 am (UTC)
The content of the small jam jar, which was angled perfectly with the cup next to it, Light had checked several times, was a poor excuse for blueberry jam.

Yagami Jr. was a perfectionist in everything he did. He not only considered himself an expert in capturing himself dangerous criminals, he also considered himself a connoisseur of jam.

Spending money in vain was a vice, and he couldn’t allow himself, a God, to sin, so instead of spending his hard earned money on expensive jam, that would taste sweeter and more pleasant on his tongue; Yagami played the martyr. He poured some sweetener into his jam, and pretended that the flavor resembled the worthy, unique and enchanting taste he craved.

Light believed he could be sentimental, even if other’s believed he was incapable of something as simple as love. In truth, anyone who had ever tasted the sweet and slightly tart flavor melt in their mouth would understand why he loved blueberry jam so much.

The young man’s musing was interrupted by the appearance of a tousled detective slash rival slash friend slash sweets consumer.

Knowing how much Ryuuzaki enjoyed sweets, Light quickly moved his jam away before the other man could see it. He knew Ryuuzuki too well to chance it.
The neighboring chair creaked and Light could almost feel the burning of the other man’s gaze on him.

“I assumed you didn’t like sweets, Light-kun,” Ryuuzaki said as he titled his head. He stared directly into Light’s eyes making no attempt to hide his obvious interest.

Light glanced down at the way the other man sat in his chair. Ryuuzaki always placed all of his weight on the tips of his toes and curled his arms around his legs.

‘How can he sit like that for hours? Is he some kind of an alien?’ Light thought to himself. As Light stared at the detective’s toes, Ryuuzuki reached for the plate of pastries in the center of the table.

Light quickly looked up when the other man’s hand came dangerously close to his jam and began to fear the worse. He pictured sweat dripping down his forehead as he imagined Ryuuzuki’s hand getting closer and closer to his jam. It may not be the best quality jam, but damn it, it was his!

When Light came to his senses, the hand had already gone, as well as all the pastries that had once filled the center plate.

‘The way he eats, Ryuuzuki has to be an alien,’ he thought as he glanced at the other man.

Light was about to reply to Ryuuzuki’s early comment and was reaching for his jam at the same time, when out of nowhere, Ryuuzuki hopped up and grabbed the jam off the table.

Light watched in completely shock, his mouth half open and making squawking noises, as the detective spooned out jam with his fingers and tasted his blueberry jam.

“You know, Light-kun,” he pronounced slowly, as Light slowly closed his mouth and glare at him, “I think that the chances of you being Kira dropped down by 0.9 percent.”

Light grabbed the jar out of his hand and hid the jam from Ryuuzuki’s view, “good to hear, Ryuuzuki, but never touch my jam again!”

“Hmm, back up 0.7 percent.”

I'm not all that good at this, but here you go. I hope you can take some of this and work with it. All the best, sweetie