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A Free Man M/K slash

Title: A Free Man
Spoilers: Up through the end of season eight, minus that scene in Existence. AU after that. Also, Scully was never pregnant and the Gunmen aren't dead.
Summary: After months of loneliness and inactivity, Mulder receives a visit from Krycek, while hiding from the supersoldiers. Capturing the rat, Mulder displays some extreme behavior, but ends up learning more about his so-called nemesis.
Rating: NC-17 for violence and coerced sexual behavior.
Warnings: Well, slash obviously. Also, this has coerced sex and a harsh spanking followed by schmoop.
Beta type: I'm looking for a content and characterization beta. I want to make sure that the characters' motivations are clear and that the characterizations are consistent. I want to be sure that the psychology of the story is adequately developed.

Mulder sat on the couch of his mountain cabin, typing at the laptop in front of him. The Gunmen had managed to get him a secure line of internet access, routing his access through their servers. Mulder scrolled tediously through sites devoted to UFOs and conspiracy theories, searching for reports about abductions, super soldiers, and possible ways of defeating them. With a tired sigh, Mulder pushed back into the couch, letting his head fall back.

Mulder eyed the main room of his cabin with weary disdain. The cabin was fairly large and very comfortable. It had come completely furnished with antique, heavy wooden furniture and rustic decorations, including several quilts and paintings by local artists. A huge stone fireplace took up one wall. Keeping ahead of the super soldiers had forced Mulder into isolation and the cabin had seemed to be a perfect retreat. Now, though, the inactivity and loneliness were taking a heavy toll. Mulder stood, grabbed his parka, and walked outside, stretching and trying to force some energy into his limbs. He had a war to win and he needed to shake off his lethargy and renew his passion for his quest. Stepping away from his doorway, Mulder took a deep breath of the mountain air.

The scent of pine needles and snow filled his lungs, but even that didn't refresh him. He had bought this cabin in the Rocky Mountains under a false identity only a month ago, but the rugged beauty of the mountains had already lost its charm. His nearest neighbor was twenty miles away and Mulder had never met him. Trudging back to the door, Mulder couldn't bring himself to go inside. Instead, he leaned against the door and stared morosely at the stars hanging above the tree line.

A shifting shadow in the depths of the trees drew his attention. Mulder pulled his gun, tensing. Most likely it was a deer, but Mulder's paranoia was as strong as ever. He waited a few moments to see if an animal would appear, then eased away from the door. Slowly he began circling the cabin, peeking carefully around the corners. On the far side from the door, he spotted Krycek, breaking quietly into Mulder's bedroom window. A slow rage built in Mulder's chest. He was tired of it all. He was tired of the games, the manipulations, the danger that comprised his life. In that moment, Krycek seemed to him not so much a fellow man or even an adversary, but a symbol of all that Mulder had lost.

Waiting until Krycek was half crouched in the window, Mulder came up behind him and gave him a hard shove the rest of the way into the room. He grimaced with satisfaction as he saw Krycek get tangled up in the heavy curtains. Unable to catch himself in time, Krycek landed hard and gave a pained grunt. Hopping through the window, Mulder got his gun trained on Krycek just as the other man began climbing to his feet.


"Shut up, Krycek," Mulder interrupted flatly. "Whatever line of bullshit you're about to try, don't. I don't want to hear it."

Krycek tilted his head, studying the other man. Mulder looked exhausted, his eyes lids heavy and his skin unnaturally pale. A shiver of unease crawled between Krycek's shoulders at the flat, hollow expression in Mulder's eyes. It was as if all of the man's passion had been snuffed out. He waited patiently for Mulder to say or do something, but the man remained still.

"Mulder? We just gonna stand here all day?" Krycek asked impatiently.

Mulder shifted to a one handed grip on his gun and used his left hand to backhand Krycek sharply. He watched with uneasy satisfaction as the other man wiped blood from the corner of his mouth.

"I don't want to listen to your smart mouth, Krycek," Mulder warned, lowering the gun, but keeping it ready.

"What do you want, Mulder?" Krycek asked warily.

Mulder stared at him blankly for a moment then laughed, a raspy, disturbing sound that raised the hair at the back of Krycek's neck.

"What do I want, Alex? I want the world to be safe from aliens, corrupt old men, and bastards like you. I want my job and my life back. I want to be with the people I love without putting them in danger. I want you to quit waltzing in and out of my life, playing your FUCKING games!" Mulder ended his rant, noticing that his voice was growing slightly hysterical.

"I just came to deliver a message, that's all. Let me deliver it and I'll go. You can do what you want with the information," Krycek offered.

Something in Mulder screamed at the idea; Mulder chose to interpret the feeling as rage.

"You're not going anywhere, Krycek," Mulder stated, flatly. "Sit on the bed."

Krycek obeyed, sitting on the edge of the mattress. Mulder stood, staring at him, nibbling on his lower lip.

"Mulder, look..."

"Take off your prosthetic," Mulder ordered.

Krycek's eyes widened, before settling into a narrow glare.

"Why?" he demanded suspiciously.

Mulder raised the gun again, aiming with obvious precision at the younger man's head.

"Because, I said so, Krycek," Mulder explained quietly.

Giving a frustrated hiss of breath, Krycek removed his shirt slowly, then unbuckled the heavy straps keeping his fake arm in place. He held the arm out to Mulder, his expression cold and dignified. Mulder
took the arm and set it carefully in a corner.

"Sit up against the headrest."

When Krycek had obeyed, scooting awkwardly up the heavily stuffed, but still soft, mattress, Mulder grabbed a set of cuffs he had kept after being fired from the Bureau. He fastened one bracelet around Krycek's remaining wrist, then the other bracelet around one of the thick iron posts of the bedframe.

"I'm not responsible for every bad thing that happens to you, Mulder. It's not my fault you're out here," Krycek tried to reason, keeping his voice low and even.

"Maybe not," Mulder conceded, "but, you've spent the past eight or nine years doing the dirty work of the men who are responsible, of traitors to the entire human race!"

Krycek leaned back, scowling and silent. He hated that Mulder was right, hated the naivete that had led him to believe his leaders were wise, patriotic men, hated the hell that the human race was rushing towards, and hated the whispering voice of doubt that said he might not be able to stop it. Meanwhile, his dearest enemy had evidently gotten a few more screws knocked loose in his fight against the future.

Mulder stared at Krycek for a moment or two, then turned and dragged the nightstand across the room, against the opposite wall. Now, there was nothing that Krycek could reach, even if he was limber enough to
use his feet to pick anything up.

"You might as well get some sleep, Krycek," Mulder advised shortly.

Going into the living room, Mulder began pacing. He had no idea what he was going to do with Krycek. He couldn't let the man leave, but his knowledge and skills were too valuable to be killed off...not to
mention, Mulder wasn't a murderer. He had to find a way to bring Krycek under his control!

Deciding to sleep on the question, Mulder settled onto his sofa, logging onto his laptop and looking at porn sites. The hot images were his only connection to a world that still celebrated life and sexuality. Watching people enjoying their bodies helped Mulder feel connected to some part of normalcy. He smiled at the manipulated image of two men, one in cuffs and the other holding the sort of paddle used by fraternities. Both men were sporting huge erections. Mulder smile faltered, when the disturbing image of himself and Krycek in the same positions momentarily distorted the actual photo! He...he did *not* see Krycek that way!

Mulder put the idea of sex with Krycek out of his mind, carefully keeping to het porn, before jerking off and settling in to sleep. His dreams were disjointed, sometimes nightmarish, images of himself and Krycek. Sometimes he was killing the other man, but more often he was fucking him with varying degrees of tenderness or brutality. Even asleep, he tried to banish the images, but when he woke for the day, he was fighting off the image of Krycek in cuffs, splayed wantonly across the bed in the cabin.

The first thing Mulder heard was Alex Krycek thrashing and cussing at the top of his lungs. Hurrying into the bedroom, Mulder found Alex standing on the bed, trying to slip the cuffs off the bedpost. Fortunately, the post widened just enough to keep Krycek from slipping the cuff up all the way.

"What the hell are you doing?" Mulder demanded.

"Trying to get to the toilet to take a piss," Alex snarled.

Mulder nodded slowly, retrieving his gun and the handcuff keys from the nightstand.

"Kneel," Mulder ordered. Krycek obeyed, glaring, and Mulder placed the barrel of the gun against the side of his neck, then released the handcuffs from the bed, leaving them dangling from Krycek's wrist. Tucking the keys into his pocket, Mulder backed up slowly and took a stronger grip on his gun.

"Okay, get up slowly," Mulder ordered.

Krycek stood. Mulder took him to the bathroom and leaned against the doorway.

"Can I have some privacy?" Krycek asked, angrily.

"No," Mulder stated calmly.

Krycek flinched, then forced himself to concentrate on going. Fortunately, he needed relief badly enough that he ignored Mulder without too much difficulty. He gave a sigh as his bladder emptied, making him feel almost normal. He turned to find Mulder staring at him with a blank expression that only a fool would mistake for calm.

"Okay, Mulder. Now what?" Krycek asked, wondering what the agent was planning.

"Now, we eat breakfast."

Mulder led Krycek into the kitchen and handcuffed him to a chair at the table. Krycek watched in increasing frustration and resentment as Mulder began to cook bacon and eggs.

"Mulder? What are you going to do with me? How does keeping me here help you?"

Mulder turned from the stove and studied the other man cooly, before turning back to the stove, shrugging.

"You're going to give me answers, Krycek. You're going to help me fight and win this war."

"I was doing that before you captured me," Krycek claimed with a trace of bitterness.

"Watch your attitude," Mulder warned. "I don't call running around, playing both sides against the middle, and committing murder helping."

Alex glared, shifting angrily.

"What exactly do you think I can tell you that you don't already know, Mulder?"

"For starters, I want to know what the super soldiers really are and how to defeat them. Are they something the government cooked up using alien technology or are they aliens in human form? What are they and
what are they being used for?" Mulder ticked off questions as he carried plates of food to the table.

Mulder set the plates down, then pulled the gun and released the cuffs, so Krycek could eat. Mulder sat down and placed the gun out of reach next to his plate. Krycek took a bite of food, considering the

"The only thing I've heard of that might destroy a supersoldier is irradiated magnetite. It's a rare element found in New Mexico that came from an asteroid. I've never seen it used, personally, so I don't really know. You know as much about them as I do. They weren't part of the original deal between the Consortium and the Colonists."

"What about the Rebels?"

"They're still fighting, still trying to find allies who can help them. They want to work with you."

"I'll think about it," Mulder assured him, then grinned. "But, first, I have a rat I have to get under control."

"No one controls me, Mulder," Krycek snarled.

Mulder smiled smugly, popping the last piece of toast into his mouth. Picking up the gun, he pointed it at Alex.

"The Consortium owned you like I own this gun. You like being owned, Krycek?"

Krycek glared silently, not wanting to give Mulder any excuse for violence.

"They say silence is assent," Mulder continued, a wicked glee bringing a dark light to his eyes. He raised the gun again. "Well, you've just changed owners, Alex."

"So, at the risk of repeating myself, now what?"

"Now, you go back to bed, while I contact the Gunmen with your tip about magnetite."

"You're just going to keep me in bed all day?" Krycek asked, incredulously.

"Until I can make other arrangements," Mulder affirmed.

After re-cuffing Krycek to the bed, Mulder returned to the living room, sending a quick email to the Gunmen. Slumping in his chair, Mulder turned to the problem of how he was going to get control over
Krycek. Obviously, he would have to establish discipline and some sort of training regimen for his reluctant new ally.

The discipline would be the easiest part. If Krycek screwed up, Mulder would punish him. In Mulder's calmer moments in the past, when he hadn't entertained thoughts of killing Krycek, Mulder had often thought that what Krycek really needed was to have his ass tanned. Mulder considered this. If he was going to train and command Alex, he would have to be tough, but fair...which meant not indulging in petty revenge. Mulder sighed. He would have to carefully control the violence he unleashed on the younger man. Mulder considered the image he'd seen online the previous night of a man in cuffs being spanked. Mulder smiled grimly, knowing what his first step would be.

He went back to the bedroom, discovering Krycek slumped again across the headboard, looking bored and annoyed. Keeping his gun ready, Mulder unfastened the cuffs, then stepped away.

"Take off your clothes," he ordered.

Krycek gaped at him, then shook his head, raising his hand.

"I don't know what you're thinking, Mulder, but no way."

"Alex," Mulder informed him with acid sweetness, "you can either strip yourself or I'll knock you out and do it for you. Your choice."

Krycek took a moment to study the other man's expression and realized he was very serious. Shivering with apprehension, Krycek efficiently stripped out of his clothing, kicking them towards Mulder.

"Lay down from side to side in the middle of the bed with your hand stretched out."

Seeing no choice, Krycek laid down. Krycek lay trembling as Mulder fastened his wrist to one of the posts with the handcuffs.

"Mulder? What are you going to do?"

Mulder didn't answer, placing the gun silently on the nightstand. He removed his belt, twisting it around a bedpost, then used it to secure one of Krycek's legs, wanting the duplicitous agent to be as immobile as possible. Krycek began to buck and pull, trying to get free. With a sardonic twist to his mouth, Mulder picked up Krycek's belt and brought it down hard on the other man's ass. Krycek flinched, hissing with pain and surprise. Ignoring Krycek's panic, Mulder used the belt to fasten Krycek's other leg. Standing back, he
studied the tableau he had created. A bright red strip stood out against Krycek's pale skin.

The mark of the belt appealed to Mulder, who finally felt a blood-red blaze of energy waking him up. Going to his closet, he pulled out another belt, hefting it in his hand. It was just an ordinary belt, made of real leather. It was heavy enough to make a solid blow, but thin enough to make a stinging sensation. Mulder removed his shirt, so his arms would have room to swing. Going behind Krycek, Mulder ran the belt over his ass, gauging distance and adjusting his stance.

"From now on, Alex, there are rules to follow. Disobeying those rules will have consequences. First, though, we have to get through the past. You've caused me a lot of pain and trouble over the years. I've
threatened to kill or arrest you, but we both know that isn't going to happen. So, I'm going to take revenge here and now and punish you for breaking in here, too. I'm going to give you forty lashes with
this belt."

"Mulder, stop! Don't do this!"

Mulder ignored him, cracking the belt down against Krycek's vulnerable flesh. Krycek gave a grunt of pain, breathing in sharp hisses between his teeth. Krycek tried to stay silent as the blows continued, starting a deep burn in his buttocks. Bad as the pain was, the humiliation was worse. Mulder established a rhythm after the first few blows, making sure the swell of both buttocks were getting well marked, counting the blows in a firm voice.

After thirty blows, Mulder stopped, breathing hard. Krycek's ass was a deep, pretty red, fading to white around the crack of his ass. Krycek's legs were spread far enough that Mulder could see the tight pucker of his anus. With a sharp grin, Mulder brought the belt down directly over it, using almost his full strength. Krycek gave a harsh cry, pulling away from the pain. His ass throbbed, feeling burned and bruised.

"Shhh, ten more, Alex," Mulder soothed, his heart beating fast with a guilty exultation.

Mulder drew back and landed two fast hits on each red cheek, drawing whines of pain from Krycek. Mulder cracked the belt solidly down Alex's crack again, enjoying the way it made him squirm and give a cry of protest. Finishing quickly, Mulder landed the final lashes on the tender area right above Alex's thighs.

Dropping the belt, Mulder tossed his head back, taking deep, harsh breaths. Mulder moaned, realizing with surprise that his cock was hard. Belting Krycek had been a very exciting revenge. Stepping forward, he ran his hand over the taut buttocks and down the crack. He'd known Krycek was attractive. Before last night, though, he had never considered the idea of having him sexually. The sensation of Krycek's hot skin made Mulder's cock jump. Krycek didn't move, his face buried in the mattress.

Mulder released Krycek's legs, then walked around the bed and stood in front of his prisoner. Sensing him, Krycek lifted blazing green eyes.

"You can't keep me like this forever, Mulder. You can't just call dibs on's bullshit!" Krycek swore.

Mulder shrugged, reaching out and stroking the hair off of Alex's forehead.

"I don't see why not, Alex. I'm sure stranger things have happened in this backwoods area. Just remember, do what I say and tell me what I want to know and this will probably never happen again."

Krycek gave a rough sigh, letting his head fall back down onto the mattress. Mulder had really flipped out. Alex couldn't believe Mulder had blistered his ass with a belt! He was really going through with this owning bullshit! Krycek shivered. He wasn't going to hold a beating or two against Mulder. Krycek was tough enough to take a bit of physical pain and bounce back to do what needed done and he knew he owed Mulder. Yeah, the Consortium had misled him, but Krycek was willing to take responsibility for his mistakes and misjudgments. Being owned by Mulder, though? No way in fucking hell!

"Move onto that side of the bed," Mulder instructed, gesturing for Krycek to lay in a normal position.

Wincing, Krycek obeyed, keeping on his side and off of his injured backside.

"Mulder," he hissed, frustrated, angry, and a little afraid. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Whatever the hell I have to," Mulder replied, with eerie calm. "I told you there are rules. First rule is, you never, ever lie to me. I think you're lying and you'll get ten lashes with the belt. You'll
get five lashes for disobeying me or for every time I have to repeat a command."

Krycek stared at him, numbly, beginning to feel like he was in shock. He let his head fall back on the pillow. For now, he had no choice but to obey. Endorphins kicked in, helping with the pain. Despite a
full night's sleep, Krycek still felt tired. Mulder watched Krycek begin to relax and smirked. Turning he left for the bathroom.

Stripping, Mulder climbed into the shower, getting the water good and hot. Leaning against the wall, he began pumping his erection. With a moan of pleasure he recalled how Krycek had looked sprawled out on
the bed, his plump ass on display. Mulder licked his lips and moved his hand faster, seeing again in his mind Krycek writhing on the bed as Mulder turned his ass a dusky red. He imagined it was Krycek's hot hole clinging to his aching cock. The thought of fucking his nemesis made him come hard, liberally spraying the wall of the shower.

Grabbing a towel, Mulder went back to the bedroom and grabbed some sweats. Going around the bed, he noted that Krycek seemed to be dozing. His face was relaxed and pretty, with his lashes forming soft fans across his cheek. Sleep made him look young and soft. The man was beautiful.

Taking a deep breath, Mulder harshly reminded himself that Krycek was dangerous...both to himself and others. Mulder reached out and lightly traced the remains of Krycek's left arm. The idea of capturing and imprisoning Krycek had been a bizarre impulse, but Mulder was determined to make it work. Instead of playing games and killing innocent people, Krycek would be safe and sound in Mulder's custody, contributing to mankind's survival.

"What about his rights as a human being?" a small voice whispered. "You'll have to hurt him."

Mulder shook his head sharply, ignoring the sick jolt in his stomach. No. This could work. Yes, things were going to be rough, for both of them, at first. Yes, he would basically have to break Krycek. Still, was it any more than the man deserved? Obeying Mulder and fighting on the right side would be Krycek's penance for all his mistakes and crimes. Mulder left quietly and went back to his couch.

Smirking, Mulder logged onto the internet. Thanks to the Gunmen, he had access to plenty of his money. He could get some light but sturdy chains from the hardware shops in town. He would have to order cuffs from a sex site. Mulder found a pair of sturdy wrist cuffs, made of thick leather, with metal bands around them that locked and an attachment for a chain. They were lined with a soft cotton material for comfort. The cuffs weren't linked together, but could be attached with a chain or to other equipment. Mulder found at the same site some ankle chains that would allow the person in them to walk slowly, but inhibited movement enough to make escape unlikely. Mulder ordered both for overnight delivery, sending them to a P.O. box in a town two hours away. Satisfied, Mulder logged off and took care of the light housekeeping the cabin needed.

Mulder went into the bedroom, flipping on the light, to fetch Krycek's prosthetic. The man wouldn't need it for a while. A quick glance at the bed brought Mulder to a halt. He'd known the beating he had administered had been harsh, but the sight of Krycek's ass brought bile to the back of Mulder's throat. Krycek's ass was now a dark, mottled red; a spider web of blue lines revealed the bruising and chaffing the flesh had endured. Swallowing, Mulder went to the bathroom and scrounged through his medical supplies. He had brought
every medicinal item he owned with him...just in case.

Mulder returned to the bedroom with some witch hazel ointment, aspirin, and a glass of water. He set the supplies on the floor and gently shook Krycek's shoulder. Krycek came awake and, seeing Mulder hovering over him, flinched away. Mulder pressed his lips together, swallowing the apology that was suddenly clogging his throat. He reached down and grabbed the aspirin and water, silently offering them to his prisoner. Krycek took the pill in his mouth, then gulped the water eagerly. He looked up at Mulder with questioning eyes.

"Roll over," Mulder prompted, flatly.

Krycek hesitated, but only for a moment. He turned over, once more exposing vulnerable flesh. He felt a cool liquid flow onto his ass, followed by Mulder's fingers, rubbing gently. Krycek gave a sigh of relief, sinking into the pillows and relaxing. The witch hazel felt wonderful against his flesh, removing the last of the burning. Mulder's fingers rubbed just hard enough to encourage circulation, easing the pain from the bruises.

Krycek smiled into his pillow. This was the Mulder he knew. Yeah, the belt had hurt, but it was worth it to feel Mulder's hand rubbing him gently, intimately. Krycek had to suppress a slight laugh. He knew Mulder had no intention of being intimate with Krycek. Still, the man's decency was winning against his need for revenge. It was only a matter of time before Mulder's conscience made him release Krycek.

Mulder continued to rub softly, unaware of the gentle smile that now curved his generous mouth. Mulder spread some of the liquid down between Alex's buttocks, pausing at his entrance. Mulder was tempted to probe that opening and see how Alex would react. Impatiently, Mulder shook off the impulse, his movements becoming more brusque and clinical. He left the young man to sleep.

Around eleven in the morning, Mulder checked on Alex, finding him dozing from sheer boredom. He shook Alex's shoulder sharply.

"Krycek, wake up. Do you need to use the bathroom?" Mulder asked.

"No," Krycek muttered, groggily.

Mulder removed the cuff from Alex's wrist and fastened his ankle to the bottom of the bed, so Alex could stand with one foot raised, if necessary. Going into the bathroom, he grabbed the almost empty
waste can and set it within reach of the bed. Next he collected water, plus some fruit and sandwiches, leaving them next to the bed. He looked at Krycek and saw the man was mostly asleep. Mulder brushed the bangs off of Alex's forehead, then turned out the bedroom light, satisfied that Alex would be all right by himself for the few hours it would take Mulder to fetch the items he had ordered online.

Mulder unfortunately wasn't aware of some of the psychological damage Alex had endured over the years. Returning, he went into the bedroom to check on his prisoner. Alex lay curled tightly around a pillow,
his knuckles white from clutching it. Fine tremors ran down his body. He gazed straight ahead, unseeing, his lips trembling.

"Krycek?" Mulder called, confused. He scanned the room, but everything appeared normal to him. He approached Krycek slowly, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Hey."

Krycek's gaze flew to Mulder's and for an instant Mulder saw hope and eagerness in his nemesis' eyes, but it was swiftly replaced by rage.

"You son of a bitch!" Krycek snarled, sitting up.

Almost without thought, Mulder's hand flew up, slapping Krycek hard on the mouth.

"Don't talk to me like that, Krycek," Mulder warned, feeling the electricity of anger beginning to tingle in his gut.

"You left me here!" Krycek ranted.

"I went to get supplies," Mulder countered angrily.

"You left me to die!"

Mulder stepped back, stunned. To die...what?! Taking a deep breath, Mulder pushed away the ever-ready anger and spoke soothingly.

"Alex, I don't know what you're talking about. I just had an errand to run."

"I can't handle being trapped in the dark! Not after being alone with that thing! You left me there!"

Mulder squeezed his eyes shut, kicking himself as understanding dawned. Slowly, he reached forward and ran his fingers through Krycek's hair. He sat beside him, trying to be comforting.

"Alex. You're not in the silo now. Remember?"

Krycek blinked in momentary confusion, then nodded slowly.

"I know. It's just...I called and you weren't here. Whenever it's dark and I can't move, I can feel it. It's like it left part of itself in me. I...I can feel it crawling through my veins, every time my heart beats. I can feel it waiting."

"The oilien," Mulder stated, intrigued. "What was it like?"

Krycek shot him a nasty glare, seething.

"It was a nightmare. I was nothing to it...just a meat puppet to be used. My mind, my personality," Krycek shook his head, his lips forming a thin line. "They didn't mean anything to it. It just brushed me aside and took over. It was the ultimate form of slavery, Mulder. I had no control, no voice, no way to protest. It did what it wanted with me, then left me in the dark to die."

Mulder sighed and pushed gently at Alex's chest, until he was laying down again.

"It's gone, Alex. It used you, yes, but then it left. You survived it."

"I know; it's gone. It wanted its ship. I's a phobia, okay? It's just a stupid phobia."

Mulder stayed silent, his hand resting on Alex's chest.

"Get some rest," he urged, standing to leave.

"Dammit, Mulder! Doesn't this tell you anything?" Krycek asked, frustrated.

"Yeah. It tells me your actions have caused you a lot of suffering and my plans are bound to be easier on you."

Krycek groaned, leaning back on his pillow heavily.

Smiling sadly, Mulder went to fix Krycek a room.

Krycek woke up a couple of hours later to find Mulder hovering over him, smirking.

"What?" Krycek asked warily.

Mulder stepped back and used his gun to point at the bedroom door.

"Let's go, Alex."

Krycek stood up shakily, moaning from the effort of moving his over-rested body.

"Damn it, Mulder," he cursed.

"Don't worry, Alex," Mulder assured him cheerfully, tossing him a pair of sweat pants. "You'll be able to move around and exercise as much as you want now that I have your room fixed up."

Krycek rolled his eyes. Mulder led him down the hall to another bedroom. Krycek stepped inside and a shiver went down his spine. The room was warm, but almost empty. A thick mattress, with pillows and blankets, lay in one corner of the room. A few books were stacked nearby...some science fiction novels and a single thriller. Nothing else was visible, except the chain running from the ceiling to the floor and ending in a cuff. Mulder picked up the end of the chain and brought it over to Krycek.

"Mulder," Krycek tried to object, frustrated and hurt.

"Shut up, Alex. Hold out your wrist," Mulder demanded.

A hard shudder went through Krycek, but he forced himself to obey. He didn't doubt Mulder would knock him out if he tried to rebel...and then there would be punishment. Mulder snapped the cuff around Krycek's wrist, locking it into place.

"There you go, Alex. The chain is long enough to let you go to every corner of the room and to lay down comfortably. You can even go a short way down the hallway, in case you need to call for me. The
chain will also let you get into the bathroom directly across the hall."

Krycek didn't answer, studying the cuff and length of chain. The chain was light, but sturdy, and he knew he'd have no luck trying to weaken or break it. He looked up to the ceiling and saw the chain was bolted through one of the thick beams. Krycek realized with a burning dread that, unless Mulder released him, he could end up dying in that room. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Mulder saw Krycek's wounded expression and placed a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"You're going to have to trust me, Alex."

"Why should I trust you, Mulder? We both know you're not going to let me out of here alive."

Mulder barely suppressed a flinch.

"Alex, I'm not going to kill you. You just have to stay in this room until you learn that you're mine. I need your help, but I can't have you running loose and working against me. That's all."

Krycek nodded, not bothering to argue. That was far from all, but what could he say? Mulder wasn't fooled and placed a hard swat on Alex's rear end.

"Stop being so stubborn. One of the first things we have to work on is your attitude."

Mulder left the room, giving Krycek space to explore his new surroundings and become more settled. Krycek sighed. He went to the bed and flipped over the covers. He saw three thick blankets covering a flannel sheet. Two more blankets were folded at the foot of the mattress. Everything was soft and clean. Krycek smirked. You couldn't break someone by pampering them and Mulder wasn't cruel by nature.

Krycek got up and left the room. He stood in the hallway, looking towards the main living area. He could hear the television and guessed from the low dialogue that Mulder was watching some science fiction show. Krycek shook his head. Why did Mulder need to watch stuff like that? Didn't he get enough of aliens and mad scientists at work?

Krycek headed into the bathroom. He half hoped that he would find something to pick the lock on the wrist cuff. Mulder was an extremely brilliant man, but he was new to this. The bathroom, sadly, was a disappointment. Two towels and a washrag were folded neatly on the sink. Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash sat on the edge of the tub. The shower curtain was held to the rod by plastic rings. A roll of toilet paper sat on the back of the toilet. The plastic holder for the paper, with the metal spring inside, was missing. Krycek grinned, giving Mulder mental points.

Krycek opened the doors beneath the sink, finding two sets of clean sweatpants. The medicine cabinet was both empty. Krycek sighed. For now, Mulder was being extremely careful. He wondered how long the agent could keep that up. The man had seemed exhausted, when he first captured Krycek, but having a project seemed to have refreshed him a bit. Krycek sighed. He wondered how long the agent had isolated himself up here alone. Even Krycek knew that you had to have some human interaction in order to stay sane, even if it was only picking someone up in a bar. The worse part of his months on the run from the Consortium had been the loneliness. Krycek strongly suspected that a need for human contact was a large part of Mulder's scheme to "own" him.

Krycek went back to the bedroom and began doing pushups. A strict regimen of exercise would not only keep him sharp and in shape, but help pass the time. His thoughts, though, inevitably returned to his
captor. If anyone else had done this, Krycek would be planning to kill them, but he had no intention of killing Mulder. Not only did he need the agent alive, but Krycek held a very real respect and even
affection for the man.

Krycek grimaced. Damn Mulder and his paranoia. Hell, Krycek could admit Mulder had good reasons for his distrust and dislike of him, though that last one hurt a bit. Still, this was taking their little game of rivalry too far! Krycek might admire Mulder, but he wouldn't be owned by him...or anyone else either! Krycek sneered, imagining using a belt on Mulder's taut little ass. Krycek rarely played those sorts of games, but he could make an exception. Mulder would probably look real good sprawled out on display, with his cheeks a rosy red.

Mulder was actually cruising his laptop, the television relegated to background noise. He found most of the information available on BDSM frustrating...both mentally and sexually. BDSM was the only model he could think of to bring Krycek into submission, since Mulder did not want the man completely broken and knew he wasn't capable of real torture. Most of the techniques discussed for educating a slave consisted of ritual behavior for sex scenes. Plus, all of the BDSM sites emphasized strongly the importance of the consensual nature of the relationship between a dom and a sub...even in the cases of slavery. Mulder knew Krycek was far from willing and felt another pang of guilt. Most people would accuse him of abusing Krycek.

Mulder ogled the picture on his screen with a rueful grin. One man was kneeling on the floor, his legs spread wide and his shoulders pressed to the ground. Red stripes covered his shoulders and the sides of his back, but he was smiling as another man worked a dildo into his ass. Mulder had certainly indulged in homosexual porn before, but usually it was female on female and he had only recently begun connecting the images to Krycek. Mulder turned the image off and leaned back with a small grunt of frustration. So far, the only thing trying to get information off the web had accomplished was to leave him painfully aroused.

Mulder shut down the computer and went to Krycek's room. The man was sitting on the floor, panting lightly. A sheen of sweat covered his forehead and torso. Krycek looked up as Mulder entered, his entire expression radiating anger and frustration.

"You wanna not just stand there, Mulder? I feel like I'm in a fucking zoo."

"I'm just checking on you, Krycek. You're going to have to get used to it."

"Fuck that," Krycek retorted angrily.

Mulder took a deep breath, anger sharpening his tone.

"This is the last warning you're going to get, Krycek. I won't tolerate your attitude. The next time you mouth off to me, you will be disciplined for it. Understand?"

"Beat me all you want, Mulder. It won't change anything. I have my own mind and I'll voice it as much as I damn well please."

"You can voice any opinion you want, Krycek, as long as you do it respectfully."

"Yeah, Mulder, cause you're just an expert on showing respect for others," Krycek snapped.

Mulder glared. Anger and arousal mingled in his mind, making him feel flushed and aching. Confronting Krycek so soon after the attempt at research had been a mistake and catching him exercising wasn't
helping. Krycek was splayed out on his mattress, his hands supporting his toned frame, his feet apart. Krycek's anger made his eyes bright and piercing. Mulder smirked, his eyes narrowing. He *was* excited by the other man. He decided he hadn't made a mistake. Maybe this scene had presented him a way to prove to Krycek once and for all that Mulder did, indeed, own him.

Mulder turned and walked to his bedroom. He grabbed a bottle of lube from his nightstand. Shivering with arousal, he toed off his shoes and removed his shirt. Going back to Krycek's room, he found him still sitting, staring uneasily at the door.

Krycek watched Mulder come back into the room, noting with a small measure of relief that the man hadn't fetched a belt, until he saw the bottle. He considered apologizing for being smart, but fuck it! Mulder was out of line and they both knew it!

"What are you doing, Mulder?"

Mulder grinned, shrugging.

"I'm gonna fuck you," Mulder replied.

"You're kidding," Krycek denied flatly, shocked by the implication. He knew Mulder and knew the man wasn't like that!

"Not at all. You're mine, Krycek. I'll do what I want, whatever I have to. You're going to have to get used to it."

Smiling, Mulder pulled the lube out of his pocket, throwing it beside Krycek on the bed. He slowly pulled off his jeans and tossed them towards the door. Krycek looked at Mulder's prominent erection and
forced away a shiver of desire.

"What makes you think I'm going to let you fuck me? I could break your neck, Mulder," Krycek lied, knowing he never would. Mulder just shrugged, grinning cockily.

"You could, Alex, but I left the key to that cuff in my bedroom, which you can't reach. You need me to bring you food."

Krycek swallowed, understanding the implicit threat. He was dependent on Mulder and couldn't antagonize him too much...not until he freed him from the cuff. Even if he fought the man off, now, all Mulder would do was come back with more restraints. Hell, maybe a little sexual release would do them both some good. It was just another move in this game and one he might be able to turn to his advantage later.

Mulder came forward slowly, his eyes intense and hungry. He lightly pumped his erection, watching Krycek's reaction. Krycek met his gaze defiantly, making Mulder grin. He kneeled in front of Alex, grabbing
his neck and kissing him hard. Krycek swallowed a moan, annoyed at himself for enjoying the taste and feel of Mulder's lips. Dammit, he had to remember that this was not about desire!

Mulder grabbed the waistline of Krycek's sweats and pulled them swiftly off.

"Mulder," Krycek asked breathlessly. "what do you think this is going to prove?"

Mulder didn't respond immediately. He grabbed Krycek's shoulders and pushed him face down on the bed. Mulder took a moment, enjoying Krycek's submissive posture. He ran a hand over Krycek's back, revelling in the heat of his skin. Leaning forward, Mulder took a small bite, pulling the skin away from Krycek's shoulder, then releasing it.

"You're mine, Alex. I'm going to show you. Your mind, your knowledge, your skills, even your tight little hole...they're all mine. You'll use them to give me whatever I need."

"You're not a rapist, Mulder," Krycek reasoned, hoping Mulder didn't notice that his wanton display had Krycek hard, too. He'd always been attracted to Mulder and somehow this little scene hadn't damaged

Mulder felt a sharp pang of guilt, but shrugged it off.

"So, don't say no," he reasoned.

Getting on his knees between Krycek's legs, he coated all three fingers with lube. Slowly but firmly, he forced all three in at once. Krycek panted and tried to pull away, moaning his protest. Mulder put
a hard hand on the small of Krycek's back, pinning him.

"You'd better let me prep you, Alex. My cock is next and it's even bigger," Mulder warned mildly.

Krycek stilled, shivering.

"Mulder, please," he whispered.

"Shhhh," Mulder soothed, working his fingers inside Alex's ass, considerately stretching him. "I'm not going to hurt you, Alex. I'm just going to show you that you belong to me. Just relax."

Removing his fingers, Mulder grabbed Alex's hips, drawing them up and inserting his own legs underneath Krycek's. Noticing Alex's erection, Mulder grinned and positioned a pillow across his hips so that Mulder's thrusts would drive Alex's cock against the soft cover. He smiled as Alex trembled from the sensation. Taking hold of his cock at the base, Mulder pushed into Alex, forcing the muscular ass
wide and shoving his way past clinging tissue.

Alex panted, trying to adjust to Mulder's invasion and to relax. The muscles and tissues of his anus pulsed with a throbbing pain from the hard entry, but there was also an insidious pleasure. The burning pressure of Mulder's cock and the soft stimulation of the linen pillowcase under his cock made a circuit of sensations that Alex couldn't ignore. He'd jerked off to fantasies of Mulder so often, his body didn't understand the difference.

Mulder groaned as he buried his cock in his nemesis. He stayed still for a moment, listening to Krycek's labored breathing. Noticing that Krycek's hair had grown out some, Mulder grabbed the back of his hair
in a tight fist, pulling Krycek's head back. Shifting and leaning forward, Mulder kissed him deeply, daring the other man to bite him. When Krycek remained passive, Mulder moved his mouth down the other man's jaw to his neck. He placed a hard bite where Krycek's jaw met his neck, not quite hard enough to break the skin. Mulder then licked and sucked at the forming bruise, before moving down, making similar marks down his captive's throat and shoulder.

"Mine," Mulder gloated, pushing with his hips. "All mine."

Alex just groaned. It wasn't true. Like this, it could never be true, but he was in no position to argue, a fact made plainer, when Mulder drew out a couple of inches, then screwed back in, forcing Krycek's ass wider and making him accommodate more of Mulder's cock. Krycek groaned at the hard, burning sensation as Mulder's cock filled his ass. Finally Mulder was in all the way and, lifting Krycek's hips,
moved his hips in a short, fast, grinding motion, for a few moments, enjoying the tight heat and Alex's moans.

Mulder rested for just a second against Alex's back, then pulled out all the way and slammed back in, pushing Krycek deep into the mattress. Mulder gave a sharp cry of pleasure as he savored feeling
Krycek's inner muscles give way to his plundering cock, felt Krycek's body shift to make way for him. With a deep sigh of satisfaction, Mulder began a slow, steady rhythm, drawing all the way out, then
forcing his way inside with almost brutal thrusts.

Alex hadn't been prepped enough to make this rough fucking comfortable. Pain almost, but not quite, outweighed pleasure, even as Alex's emotions wavered between desire and embarrassment. After a few
thrusts, though, Mulder found Krycek's prostate, making the other man shudder hard and give a choked cry of pleasure. Alex tossed beneath him, completely unable to fight against Mulder's intrusion and rapidly losing the fight with his own excitement.

Fascinated, Mulder watched the muscles of Krycek's back shift underneath his skin. Picking up his pace, Mulder moved his hands from Krycek's hips to the globes of his ass, squeezing them and pressing them together. Krycek gave a sharp sigh, unable to keep his hips from matching Mulder's rhythm. Mulder was now pounding into Krycek's ass, thrusting as hard as he could. Mulder again gripped Krycek's hair, pulling his head back and enjoying the taut line this created in his body. Krycek's breaths were coming in harsh pants that were almost sobs. Mulder growled, pulling Krycek as close as possible before driving into him a final time.

Krycek gave a soft cry, feeling Mulder's cock spasm with orgasm and the hot, wet feel of cum coating his inner passage. Krycek tried to control his breathing, even as his hips still ground his aching cock into the pillow, looking for relief. Mulder noted the movement and reached underneath Krycek. He caressed Krycek's cock firmly, moving his hand in a steady rhythm for a few moments until Alex came with a strangled groan. Mulder lay down, pulling Krycek with him, until they were both lying on their sides. He kept one arm wrapped around Krycek's waist, placing a soft kiss on his shoulder.

Wearily, Krycek rolled over onto his back with a slight moan. Opening his eyes, he saw Mulder had raised up slightly and was studying him with dark eyes.

"Are you all right, Krycek?" Mulder asked unhappily.

"Does it matter?" Krycek asked somberly.

Mulder winced, pulling away. He stood and turned towards his pants.

"Mulder, wait," Krycek interrupted, grabbing his hand. "It's...I'm okay. You didn't hurt me."

"That's not true," Mulder whispered, not meeting Krycek's eyes. "This wasn't right. This isn't...I didn't put you in that cuff so I could have a personal fuck toy."

Mulder finally looked into Krycek's eyes, his expression bleak.

"I'm not trying to dehumanize you, Alex."

"You think I don't know that? God, Mulder, I know exactly why you're doing this. You need an help. But, I betrayed you. I trusted the wrong men and did things you can't condone. I hurt you," Krycek admitted. "So, you're looking for a way to trust me at your back and maybe get a bit of justice, too."

"Then why won't you work with me? Why won't you trust me?"

"I do trust you, Mulder. That isn' reasons aren't about you. They're about me. It doesn't matter how much I trust or respect you."


Krycek squeezed his eyes shut, sighing deeply.

"I make my own choices and I take the responsibility for those choices. The Smoker demanded unreasoning obedience and for the most part, until I met you, I gave it to him. That was my big mistake, Mulder. I won't do it again. I won't be that ever again...not even for you."

Mulder skimmed his fingertips across Krycek's jaw, before letting his hand fall helplessly to his side.

"I don't know what to do now," Mulder admitted.

"Let me go. I came here for a reason, Mulder. There's things I need to tell you, that we need to talk about."

Mulder reached out again, this time running his hand gently through Krycek's hair.

"Tomorrow," Mulder whispered. "Tell me tomorrow."

Krycek lay awake the next morning, listening to Mulder down the hallway. He had half hoped that Mulder would free him this morning, but so far his captor seemed to be avoiding him. Krycek wondered how much had changed between them. With a deep sigh, Krycek went to the bathroom and got clean, putting on a fresh pair of sweatpants. Stretching the cuff as far as it would go, Krycek discovered he could stand in the opening to the living room and watch Mulder.

Mulder was sitting on the couch in nothing but sweatpants, flipping idly through channels. Cooking shows, talk shows, and morning game shows flickered past, almost too fast for the eye to keep up with. Mulder was slumped against the couch, his expression morose. Krycek rolled his eyes; he hated it when Mulder brooded.

"Morning, Mulder," Krycek greeted, trying to hide his impatience.

Mulder turned and stared at him blankly for a few seconds, before turning back to the tv.


"Mulder, are we going to talk?" Krycek asked.

"No," Mulder stated flatly, keeping his eyes firmly on the television.

"If it's not too much trouble, I'd like some breakfast, Mulder," Krycek demanded, sharply.

Mulder shut his eyes, leaning his head back against the couch. He stayed that way for a few moments, then looked back up at Krycek, who stared steadily back at him. Slamming the remote down, Mulder stood and marched into the kitchen.

Krycek smirked slightly and retreated to his room. He sat down on his bed. In a few minutes, Mulder came in with some toast and a cup of coffee. He set the food down on the floor next to Alex, then silently turned to leave again. Alex stood abruptly, grabbing Mulder's arm and twisting it behind him. Mulder gasped, but didn't fight, letting Alex shove him onto his back on the bed.

Alex followed Mulder quickly, laying down on top of him. Pinning Mulder's right hand above his head, he smirked as Mulder looked up at him with wide eyes, shocked. Alex kissed Mulder hard, pushing their cocks together. Chuckling as he felt Mulder growing hard, Alex trailed kisses to Mulder's ear, then sucked lightly at the lobe.

"I've wanted you for years, Mulder, did you know that? Bet you think I'm lying just to get you out of your funk," Krycek teased, dipping his tongue into Mulder's ear.

Mulder shivered, pulling Alex closer. He wasn't sure what he should think of this. Mulder just knew Alex wouldn't hurt him and that he was aching for the other man's touch. Both men were fully hard now. Mulder moaned as Alex pulled away slightly and began licking and sucking at the pulse of Mulder's throat. Mulder reached down and shoved his sweat's down, trying to kick them off.

Alex gave some brief attention to Mulder's nipples and navel, then ducked down until his mouth was over Mulder's groin. He blew on the hard flesh, making Mulder shudder and groan. Alex pressed a soft kiss to the tip of Mulder's erection, then took the bulbous head into his mouth, sucking lightly.

Mulder cried out, unable to keep from bucking his hips. His senses and emotions were in a whirl under Alex's tender onslaught. He tried to hold still, savoring the wet heat as Alex slowly swallowed his erection. Mulder felt Alex's agile tongue press against his aching flesh, caressing and tasting him. Mulder reached down, grabbing hold of Alex's hair and began fucking his throat.

Alex gave a hum of appreciation, feeling Mulder quiver from the stimulation. Alex let himself relax into the sex act, enjoying the sweet sweat taste of Mulder's cock and the hard velvet filling his mouth and throat. He rubbed his own cock against Mulder's legs, knowing they were both getting close. Mulder was tossing his head back and forth on Alex's pillow, panting and giving short cries of pleasure. The sounds were sending shivers down Alex's body and he sucked harder, wanting to feel and taste Mulder filling his mouth.

Mulder came, shouting Alex's name and bucking hard. Alex drank eagerly, the taste and heat from Mulder's orgasm drowning his senses and triggering his own completion. He released Mulder's cock and
rested his head on Mulder's hip, listening to his ragged breathing. Alex felt Mulder's fingers card gently through his hair. He pulled himself to lie beside Mulder, pulling him close, then kissing him deeply.

"Now what?" Mulder asked, confused.

Alex sighed.

"Now you're going to listen to me. The British gentleman I gave the vaccine to was negotiating with the Rebel aliens when he died. That's why Smith was allowed to heal the abductees that were in danger of
becoming super soldiers. The Brit convinced the Rebels that the abductees were innocent victims, not collaborators with the Colonist. Since the Brit's death, I've been working with the Rebels. I've kept
my ties to the Consortium in order to serve the Rebel agenda...essentially, keeping the Colonists from claiming this planet and expanding their territory."

"The Rebels sent you to me?" Mulder asked quietly.

"That's right. They want an alliance with you. You've actually done a good job of pulling the Consortium apart. They've split themselves up badly over how to deal with you. Most of them are dead, though. The
Rebels want to get you focused on the Colonists," Krycek informed him.

Mulder leaned heavily into the pillow, staring at the wall. He sat up and grabbed his pants, pulling a key from the pockets. Avoiding Alex's eyes, Mulder released the cuff. He kept his eyes on the chain as Alex rubbed his wrist against his thigh.

"Mulder," Alex began, but Mulder shook his head.

"Tell the Rebels to contact me," he ordered softly, still not looking directly at Alex.

"Dammit, Mulder, what the Hell, is wrong with you?!" Krycek shouted.

"You're going to leave," Mulder explained quietly, sadly. "Isn't that how it always goes? I capture you, you give me information or a lead, then y-you disappear like the wind."

Krycek blinked. Okay, technically that was true...or, at least, that was one interpretation of things.

"Mulder, what you call disappearing like the wind, I call escaping with my life!"

Mulder sighed, wearily, rolling his head on his neck to loosen the tight muscles, then nodded.

"I'm sorry. I know you have to leave. You have to contact the Rebels. I get it."

Mulder looked up, meeting Krycek's gaze. Exhaustion and sorrow hung around Mulder like a fog, shrouding the man. Krycek didn't like it. Getting up, Krycek pulled Mulder close and kissed him softly, showing all the tenderness he felt for Mulder.

"You don't get it, Mulder. This time, when I leave, I'm taking you with me."

Mulder let himself lean heavily against Krycek's sturdy body.

"I came here to escape the super soldiers," Mulder reminded him wearily. "Anyone near me is a target."

"I know, but you still shouldn't have isolated yourself up here, Fox. Besides, I'm already a target. That's the beauty of it. The Rebels want us working together. Smith thinks we'll be good partners."

Pulling back, Mulder explored Alex's face with a gentle finger.

"I love you and I didn't even realize it. I never let myself connect you with sex in my mind. I thought I was angry at you for working against me, not for leaving me," Mulder explained.

"Forget it, Fox," Alex urged. "I've consented to worse."

"But you didn't consent," Mulder reasoned, "and I'm sorry for that."

A bright, charming smile lit Alex's face.

"I would have, if you'd asked, though," he teased.

Mulder grinned sardonically.

"So, you're saying we're okay," Mulder interpretted, wryly.

"I don't object to a bit of kink, Fox," Krycek explained, amused. "Next time, though, it's your turn to wear the damn cuff."

Mulder gave a brief laugh and pulled his lover into a claiming kiss. Y
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