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30 April 2017 @ 05:38 am
1. Pen Name: HanaHeart
2. Fandom: Slam Dunk Anime
3. Rating of the story: NC-17
4. Spoilers/Time Line: Nothing too much except maybe some small references to some events in the anime but nothing major.
5. Pairing: Sendoh/Rukawa and maybe some other minor ones
6. Beta Type: Well, Grammer, spelling, used of words, Characterization, continuity and consistency of the plot and characters, also I'm in desperate need of help in writing sex parts...thought they won't be much.
7. warnings: well, there is mention of rape, dubious consent, and heavy angst.
8. Harshness: 75% would be okay, I guess?
9. Other: This is AU. Sets when Sendoh and Rukawa are working adults.
12 July 2009 @ 09:04 pm
My beta has forgotten me it seems, so I ask you, to help me out with this story. First two chapters are already posted on ff.net, but it pains me, that there might be mistakes... Furthermore, I'm in the middle of composing chapter three, and I'd like it to be checked before I post it anywhere.

: Asleep
Author: Caaree
Fandom: Naruto
Rating: PG-13, I guess...
Genre: Friendship now, romance later.
Pairing: Namiashi Raidou, Shiranui Genma
Summary: My view on their friendship. Not nearly as boring as it sounds, I hope.
Need help on: Pretty much everything, methink. English is not my first language [not even the second XD], so it's mostly grammar, misused words, plot, faithfulness to the canon [as far as it goes with two rather minor characters...], keeping my ninja as manly as possible :)
Warnings: My attempts at humour are usually failing miserably. Plus I plan on describing homoerotic situations in later chapters, so if you're put out by any of it, read at your own risk.

Chapter 1Collapse )

Chapter 2Collapse )

LJ Cut hates me and I hate it right back, so if I messed up something - sorry in advance - let me know right away, please.

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16 June 2009 @ 06:06 pm
Hello, I'm really, really not a writer, but..you know.

Title: Untitled drabble
Author: rekindle956
Fandom: The Omen(2006).At the IMDb
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Keith/Robert
Warnings: Alternate Universe.
Lenght: 100 words.
Summary: If there was a happy ending...
Disclaimer: Not mine, no profit.
Need help on: Everything, really everything.

100 words under the cutCollapse )

Thank you so much in advance.

ETA: Thank you ehmaz for the beta. I posted the corrected drabble on this entry, over at rareslash.
30 January 2009 @ 04:09 pm

Title: "Them"
Author: Veritas Found
Fandom: Twilight
Rating: K Plus / PG / All Ages // T / PG-13 / All Ages
Pairing: Edward Cullen x Bella Swan (slight hints at Jake x Nessie in the last bit)
Summary: Five looks at the relationship of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, as seen through the eyes of five passersby.
Warnings: Spoiler-wise, as long as you're current, you're good.  (Fic is divided in five parts that start around Twilight/New Moon and finish post-Breaking Dawn.)
Need help on: General spelling/grammar would be lovely, but the main thing I'm concerned about is flow/voice.  This started as an exercise in POV-writing that got out of hand, and it's written from five separate, anonymous POVs.  If someone could give it a read-through and double-check on the voices, I'd be very grateful (basically, does it all sound like the same person or can you tell it's five separate voices?).  Also, I'm a little unsure on the rating; I know it's one or the other, but because of one or two words I'm unsure on whether or not I should give it the stronger rating.  Thanks!

ThemCollapse )
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Inspired by: "Humpty Dumpty" - Aimee Mann
26 November 2008 @ 12:27 pm
Title: I'm Not That Girl
Author: sly_hostetter
Fandom: High School Musical
Rating: T (to be safe)
Pairing: Troy/Ryan
Length: 3,635 words

Summary: I suck at summaries, so here's a teaser instead. --> I raise my eyebrow. “Thank you, Troy. I now know I’m actually awake and why did you pinch my butt?” “It’s a cute butt.” Troy says with a wink as he and Chad continue down the hall.

Need Help On: Most of my problems are going to be grammatical, but there will probably be some spelling errors and plot mixups. I really need another pair(s) of eyes to go over and double check this.


(I'm Not That Girl)
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22 July 2008 @ 04:33 pm

Title: Bilberry plan
Author: Arien Icelight
Author`s e-mail: lorana@bigmir.net
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Light x bilberry jam
Rating: G
Genre: Humour
Disclaimer: L and Light belong to the proper owners and the bilberry jam to all mankind.
Summary: In this darkest of hours Light finally understood that the world had  rotten totally. But it  won`t stop him from succeeding in his plan.
Author`s Note: request from 

sinjiru. Therefore, it`s dedicated to her. <3. Original was written in Russian.


English is not my first language, therefore I`m sure there are some grammar and spelling mistakes. I`m also worried about the eloquency of wording.

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15 June 2008 @ 03:01 pm
Title: Touch
Author: many_a_fandom
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Rating: PG, with mild hints of violence
Pairing: Basch, some very mild hints of Basch/Penelo
Length: 2500 words
Summary: After being held captive for 2 years, Basch craves and fears touch. No spoiler if you have played the first couple hours of gameplay
Need help on: Grammar, flow of words, awkward phrasing, style and longwindedness.

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21 February 2008 @ 06:33 pm
Title: A Free Man
Spoilers: Up through the end of season eight, minus that scene in Existence. AU after that. Also, Scully was never pregnant and the Gunmen aren't dead.
Summary: After months of loneliness and inactivity, Mulder receives a visit from Krycek, while hiding from the supersoldiers. Capturing the rat, Mulder displays some extreme behavior, but ends up learning more about his so-called nemesis.
Rating: NC-17 for violence and coerced sexual behavior.
Warnings: Well, slash obviously. Also, this has coerced sex and a harsh spanking followed by schmoop.
Beta type: I'm looking for a content and characterization beta. I want to make sure that the characters' motivations are clear and that the characterizations are consistent. I want to be sure that the psychology of the story is adequately developed.

Mulder sat on the couch of his mountain cabin, typing at the laptop in front of him. The Gunmen had managed to get him a secure line of internet access, routing his access through their servers. Mulder scrolled tediously through sites devoted to UFOs and conspiracy theories, searching for reports about abductions, super soldiers, and possible ways of defeating them. With a tired sigh, Mulder pushed back into the couch, letting his head fall back. ContinuedCollapse )Y
17 September 2007 @ 02:54 am

Title: Don't have one yet
Fandom: Scrubs
Pairing: JD/Dr. Cox

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warnings: Slash.


Need beta for spelling and grammar. Note that English isn't my first language! 



03 August 2007 @ 09:50 pm
Here is the second fic I have written so far.  Once again in the BSG2003 fandom.  Beta help appreciated for flow, style, grammar, and BSG timeline inconsistencies.  It could be a little AU, but since there isn't anything I can find to suggest it never happened I don't know if that would be accurate.  Thanks!

Title: Spoils of Victory
Fandom: BSG 2003
Characters: Starbuck/Tigh
Warnings: The thought of these two may freak people out.
Rating: Lets go with R, for safety
Spoilers: through S3
Disclaimer(s):  I couldn't have thought these characters up if I tried so I'm just playing with these.  They aren't mine.  RDM came up with it, I'm just joyriding.

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